Medium Guided Psychic Experience ($60)

You never know who or what you're gonna get as I turn the session over to your spirit guides and let them tell you what life has going on for you. A truly informative and enriching experience.

*Available in Person and Phone

Services Available By Appointment Only

3 Card Reading  ($30)

Sit down for a spell and allow the cards to give you a personal instant message from spirit. You'd be amazed at how much 3 cards have to offer.

*Available in Person and Phone

"Opening the Door" A Hands on Experience. ($100)

Let me open the door to who you were, are & meant to be. "Opening the Door" Utilizes the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu & my medium talents to discover what your guides & body have to say about you.

To make an appointment Call (253) 961-2269 or Text 505-315-5103 Message: Appointment

Let Spirit be your guide as A. Skeeter Welhouse offers a special single card reading sent you via USPS. This special reading is customized just for you as Skeeter allows spirit to select a card just for you and then writes spirits message to help guide you in your future actions.

Blue Moon Weaver

Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Work ($50)

Light Touch Energy Work focusing on realigning your energy through specific points throughout the body. Healing and relaxing, this ancient art helps spirit realign your natural flow.

*Hands on and Astral Sessions Available

Services Available For Purchase